This Is Terrifying: 500 Stormtroopers March On The Great Wall Of China


The Galactic Empire has taken the Great Wall of China…

In a pretty breathtaking display of promotional might, 500 replica stormtroopers took to the steps of the Juyongguan section of the heritage site that was long claimed to be visible from space.

As the trailer for the comeback movie ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ exploded online this week, and tickets went on sale around the world, fans swarmed to the wall, outside Beijing, where they were given free red and blue lightsabers.


Thus far, there’s no release date for the seventh film in the series, helmed by J.J. Abrams.

And it was only over the summer that the first three movies in the original trilogy were shown in cinemas for the very first time in China, premiering at the Shanghai International Film Festival.

However, many would have already seen the movies on pirated DVDs or on torrent sites over the years.


It’s expected that a theatrical release date for 'The Force Awakens’ in China will be forthcoming, and according to reports, a deal has been struck with internet provider Tencent to stream all six original films there too.

The film is likely to leave behind it a trail of broken records.


The advance ticket sales, following the final trailer’s premiere this week, have already topped $6.5 million (£4 million) in the US alone.

'Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ arrives in the UK on December 17.

See the final trailer in its full glory below…

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Image credits: Reuters