Stormzy reveals Prince William once recognised him at gym they both go to

Megan C. Hills
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Grime star Stormzy has revealed he’s not the most famous face at his local gym, as he found himself unexpectedly brushing shoulders with royalty.

While walking through the gym, his name was called out by none other than Prince William.

Stormzy was interviewed on The Jonathan Ross Show alongside Luke Evans, where he recalled the encounter with excitement. After being asked by Ross if he’d met a royal, Stormzy’s face lit up.

The Vossi Bop rapper said, “Aw yeah, I have! I bumped into Prince William at the gym. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

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Stormzy reportedly goes to the Chelsea Harbour Club - a swish fitness venue that includes three luxury swimming pools, twelve tennis courts and a state of the art two-floor gym. Membership to the club can reportedly cost as much as £3,000.

The 'Own It' rapper described the experience, saying, “Yeah, I was just walking up the stairs and someone was like, ‘Stormzy!’ And I was like, ‘Whoa. What’s going on Prince?’ I swear down, I just bumped into him.”

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Stormzy revealed that the encounter had shown him just how far he’d come and said, “Do you know what it is? When I bumped into him, I was like - bruv. You’re going up in the f*****g world. Yeah, a prince goes to your gym like, you’re good bruv.”

It remains to be seen whether Prince William is secretly a grime fan, however the Prince did recently reveal that he's a fan of British rock band The Verve. According to classical singer Mary Bevan, who spoke with him at a recent event, William reportedly told her he wanted the orchestra to play one of the band's big tunes.

Bevan said, "He was talking about the orchestra and said, 'How do you find the music?', and I said I was impressed at how quietly they were playing. He said, 'Yes, they're playing some nice tunes, but sometimes I want them to play The Verve'. I think it was just the first band that popped into his head."

Beyond sharing a treadmill with the Duke of Cambridge, Stormzy recently revealed he also had an awkward encounter with his “number one hero inspiration”: rapper Jay-Z. Speaking about his mega hit 'Take Me Back to London' with singer Ed Sheeran, he revealed Jay-Z was initially set to do a verse on the song, but Stormzy vetoed it.

He said, “We was all in the studio writing: me, Ed Sheeran and Jay-Z. Before that, I loved ‘Take Me Back to London’ because I thought it was just going to be me and Ed, and then Ed was like, ‘Jay is getting on it.’ And it was like, whoa, [it] blew my mind. Jay-Z is like my number one hero inspiration.”

Stormzy said that as they were writing the verse, Jay-Z asked Stormzy about London - which prompted the grime star to talk at length about London and its black culture. As he ended up having an hour long conversation with him about it, he began to realise it didn't feel right for the '99 Problems' rapper to be on it, no matter how much he idolized him.

“Take Me Back To London’ with me and Ed is one thing, but now that Jay-Z is on it… This is Jay-Z and Stormzy, what he means to culture, what I mean to culture. I said, ‘Is this the song?’ I didn’t think it was the song...It changes the whole meaning,” he continued.

“I felt proper bad because I was like, ‘You’re saying no to Jay-Z!’ “Jay-Z was super proud and super shocked and taken aback by the fact that this kid told him,” Stormzy said.