Stranger Things' David Harbour "scared shitless" of new Netflix role

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Harbour was "scared shitless" of new film roleNetflix

Stranger Things star David Harbour was "scared shitless" about taking on a slightly different supernatural role in We Have a Ghost – according to the Netflix film's director Christopher Landon.

Harbour stars in the paranormal comedy alongside fellow Marvel actor and new Captain America, Anthony Mackie and White Lotus' Jennifer Coolidge. He plays a ghost named Ernest, who haunts the house that Mackie and his on-screen family move into.

Happy Death Day director Landon, who also wrote the screenplay, said Harbour eagerly stepped up to the challenge of a role with no dialogue.

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Talking to The Hollywood Reporter, Landon joked that he lured the Black Widow actor to the film with "tons of money", adding: "No, I'm kidding. During the first meeting I had with David, he told me that he was scared shitless of this role, but he's a very courageous actor who really wants to challenge himself.

"So I think that's what really drew him to the role. He really liked the script. He liked the characters, and he was very excited by the challenge of digging into this character and having to convey him without dialogue."

Landon applauded the actor's skills, adding: "He's one of the few actors that can actually pull it off. It's a really tough role, but because of his huge theatre background, he really understood how to do something like this."

The filmmaker added that Harbour "embraced" Ernest's distinctive look – including his ghostly comb-over.

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"It was always in the script, and I was like, 'So we're going to have to shave your head every single day. It's going to be a whole thing'," he recalled. "But he really embraced it.

"He's one of those actors that really likes to disappear into a role, and having that sort of physicality really helps him do that."

We Have a Ghost lands on Netflix on Friday, February 24. Stranger Things seasons 1-4 are now streaming worldwide, on Netflix.

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