'Stranger Things' fans should brace themselves after Noah Schnapp confirms 'some deaths' are coming

Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Thursday, where he shared how hard it is for him to keep secrets.

"The whole cast has been on the show. They call you the Tom Holland of Stranger Things, because you spoil everything. All the secrets," laughed Jimmy Fallon. Schnapp admitted that he isn't great about keeping spoilers under wraps and shared that he recently made another mistake on his Instagram account.

"I literally just realized this today," said Schanpp. "I posted stuff on my Instagram and of, like, an explosion or something and it's from the second volume and people were, like, 'Are you– is this a spoiler?' And I was, like, 'Oh my God, I'm going to get in trouble.' So I literally just took it down."

His now-deleted Instagram post isn't the first time he's spoiled plot points from the popular Netflix show. And on Thursday, he sort of gave viewers another big tease, when he explained what fans can expect from Stranger Things, Volume 2.

"You can expect from Volume Two, we've got some deaths coming, some gore, and a big–" Fallon then cut Schnapp off, as he said, "Wow, that's a big spoiler. Dude, you just said something that you can't say!"

"No, but I didn't say who," Schnapp quickly replied. Fallon then pointed out that there aren't that many big characters to choose from, to which Schnapp stated, "Well, you guys can assume that, obviously, somebody's going to…"

Fortunately, viewers didn't get any mega spoilers because, in the end, Schnapp eventually decided to play it safe by just staying quiet and not saying any more strange things.

"Someone or some people," asked Fallon.

"Well, I'm done here because you're scaring me," stated Schnapp.

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