‘Stranger Things’ Stars Shannon Purser and David Harbour on Their Emmys Windfall

When Emmy nominations were announced on July 13Stranger Things fans were thrilled that among the show’s 18 nominations were two for Shannon “Barb” Purser and David Harbour, who plays Hawkins’s hero Sheriff Hopper. And no one was more surprised than Purser and Harbour themselves. “I wasn’t involved in the process at all,” Purser admits during a visit to Yahoo TV’s suite at Comic-Con. Though she’s not sure what scene Netflix submitted to Emmy voters for consideration, Purser says one of her favorite scenes is Barb’s trip to the Upside Down via the pool. “It’s hard to scream at nothing and look not crazy,” she explains.

Harbour, meanwhile, did a little research two days before nominations came out and was dismayed to find that not one Emmys prediction pundit had his name on their “sure to be nominated” list. “I was like, ‘That day is just gonna suck.'”

Stranger Things Season 2 premieres Friday, Oct. 27 on Netflix. 

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