Strangers raise almost £1,500 for baby abused so badly he had his legs amputated

David Harding
Baby Tony Smith (Just Giving)

A campaign to raise money for the baby abused so badly that he had to have his legs amputated has raised almost than £1,500 in 24 hours.

A Just Giving page was started  by the Kent Messenger paper Tony Smith to help give him the best possible life with his adoptive parents.

One of those giving donations, Alistair Brown, wrote: ‘Good luck little man, you’re in safe hands now xx’.

Another Glyn King, said: ‘I wish you happiness for the rest of your life.’

The baby’s biological parents Tony Smith and Jody Simpson were jailed for 10 years earlier this week after being convicted of child cruelty.

Baby Tony was just 41 days old when he was taken to a doctor with broken bones in his legs and an infection of septicaemia.

Surgeons later had to amputate both legs.

Parents Tony Smith and Jody Simpson who were convicted of child cruelty (Kent Police)



Jurors decided that the parents deliberately harmed the child at their Maidstone flat – but it was not revealed that he had lost both legs until the end of the trial.

Some jurors were left in tears on seeing photos of the boy, now aged three.

The jury even broke into spontaneous applause after the judge praised Tony’s adoptive parents as ‘absolute stars’.

The judge added: ‘It is utterly remarkable we have in our community those who foster children and those who look after them, particularly when they have disability and show the most wonderful compassionate and caring side of the community.’

The mum who adopted the child said she was ‘humbled’ by the money given.