Street Fighter 6 Drops an Exclusive Collector’s Edition Vinyl Box Set

Street Fighter 6 launched last summer and has gone to sell over 3 million units worldwide since then. Its much anticipated release was followed by series of special collaborations and collectables that included a sneaker with Onitsuka Tiger and a totally radical link up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And, now, fans who want to feel immersed in the game – even when they're not playing – can do so, as the game's official soundtrack has been launched as a limited edition vinyl box set.

The Street Fighter 6 Exclusive Collector’s Edition Vinyl Box Set features over three hours of music spread across four LPs. Fans can expect to hear the sounds of their favorite levels throughout the game, as well as the main theme and tracks from over 20 characters including Ryu, Chun Li, Ken, Guile and Blanka. New characters like Kimberly – who joined the Street Fighter roster with the latest game – are also included. The soundtrack is credited to famed Japanese composer Yoshiya Terayama, a frequent Capcom collaborator who's other work includes Devil May Cry 5 and games in the Mega Man franchise, and the four records arrive in a box that's been beautifully illustrated with art from the game thanks to its art director Goro Tokuda.

As well as the four records, fans are treated to a Street Fighter-themed slip mat created by artist Drew Tetz, which features a hypnotizing zoetrope design that will give Chun Li's 'Spinning Bird Kick' a run for its money. If that wasn't enough to satisfy the most die-hard of Street Fighter collectors, a sticker set as well as a 24-page art book with original illustrations of all 18 of the game's starting characters are also included.

Hip-hop is a huge part of the Street Fighter 6 universe and the soundtrack features artists including Jayy Starr, Rocco 808, and Randy Marx, all of whom are said to have worked closely with the game's director Takayuki Nakayama as well as the aforementioned Terayama to bring this limited-edition box set to life.

The Street Fighter 6 Exclusive Collector’s Edition Vinyl Box Set is available now at record shops worldwide priced around $170 USD. Fans who can't get their hands on the box can listen to the soundtrack online via Apple Music or Spotify.