Student banned from university wi-fi for illegally downloading Chicken Run

Ben Arnold
Chicken… student banned from using Bristol University internet after being caught downloading Chicken Run illegally – Credit: Dreamworks/Aardman

A first year student at Bristol University has been banned from using the college’s internet for a month after she was caught illegally downloading Aardman movie ‘Chicken Run’.

Gianna Mulville-Zanetta, who’s studying Social Policy, was collared by the IT department earlier this week, according to The Tab.

She then received an email telling her that her internet privileges had been revoked, and will only be reinstated in a month’s time, and once she’s proved that the illegally downloaded file is no longer on her computer.

“It’s so annoying that this has happened during exam season,” she said.

“Adding insult to injury, I hadn’t realised that Chicken Run is actually already on Netflix!”

She added to Newsbeat: “I completely forgot I had downloaded it.

“I got an email the day after I watched it on Netflix with my friend saying I had been removed from Eduroam – which is our wi-fi.

“It took about a day or more to download and that’s why I forgot I had it, it took forever.

“Another person got caught for downloading Shrek and she’s still blocked.”

Bristol University confirmed in statement: “We received a complaint about this particular student’s illegal downloading of a copyrighted film earlier this month from the owners of the movie.

“As a result we temporarily suspended her connection to the wi-fi network.”

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