Super Bowl 2024 commercials: All the best celebrity cameos on advertising’s biggest night

Super Bowl LVIII left viewers with an influx of celebrity-filled commercials as brands attempted to gain customers during what could also be called the Advertising Super Bowl.

This year, the football game was played at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sunday 11 February and available to watch on CBS and streaming on Paramount+, as well as on ITV in the UK where the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 25 to 22.

With more than 100 million people tuning in last year, the Super Bowl means big business for the companies trying to lure new customers.

The commercials they come up with are known for entertaining the less avid football fans during breaks in the game, with many brands already beginning to tease their commercials in the two weeks before the big game.

In November 2023, the Hollywood Reporter reported that the network had sold out all of its Super Bowl commercial time slots, and had wanted $7m for 30-second ads.

These are some of the best - and worst - Super Bowl ads that were released during the game.

Nerds starring Addison Rae

The candy company made its Super Bowl commercial debut advertising its Nerds Gummy Clusters this year. In the teaser posted to the company’s YouTube channel, Rae is coaching a “mystery student” on a dance for a performance set to Irene Cara’s 1983 hit “What a Feeling.”

Oreo starring Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner is made her Super Bowl commercial debut by throwing it back to 2007, with the ad paying homage to the moments, and cookies, that have played a part in the family’s fame over the last 17 years. The ad’s teaser features the reality star standing next to a container of Oreos stacked just like her daughter Khloe had shown viewers many years ago in her pantry tour.

The message “It all starts with a twist this February” reads across the screen and clues fans into the fact that more throwback references are to come in the Super Bowl ad.


The Louisiana-themed fried chicken franchise also made its Super Bowl commercial debut in 2024. In the teaser the brand posted to its YouTube channel, the mascot, a chicken named Poppy, announced a promotion where if a team with wings ends up winning the game, customers can earn a free six-pack of wings with their order.

The fast-food chain also featured an ad with comedian Ken Jeong.

Hellmann’s starring Kate McKinnon

Kate McKinnon starred in her first Super Bowl commercial with Hellmann’s Mayonnaise. The teaser posted to the brand’s YouTube channel features the Saturday Night Live alum having a photoshoot with a fictional cat named Mayo Cat.

“Mommy, give me the mayo,” a charismatic photographer says during the shoot. McKinnon struggles to smile as Mayo Cat perches on her shoulders. “Give me label! Give me label!” the photographer adds. McKinnon gives a pained smile as she tries to hold up more jars of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise.

Pringles starring Chris Pratt

The chip brand Pringles took to Instagram to tease its upcoming advertisement, which premiered during the football game on 11 February. “The big game’s almost here, so we’re upping our ‘stache game. Who do you think it belongs to?” the caption asked viewers.

The post itself showed a photo of the Pringles’ mascot, which is a white oval with black eyes and eyebrows with most of the oval occupied with a giant curly moustache. Next to the logo is a photo of a man’s moustache that will likely be the star of the commercial. “Once you see it … you can’t unsee it,” text surrounding the pictures read. The frontrunner in the comments section seemed to be the Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

The brand then confirmed in an Instagram post on Wednesday 24 January that the signature moustache belongs to Chris Pratt and he will be in the commercial during the big game. The teaser featured the actor having a starring contest with the chip brand’s mascot.

Drumstick starring Eric André

The ice cream brand had its first Super Bowl ad slot this year. Recently, it released a teaser with comedian Eric André. The clip featured the actor’s bag, filled with only Drumsticks, being run through security at the airport before one of them needed to be “confiscated.”


The popular car brand celebrated its 75th anniversary during the 2024 Super Bowl.

In its teaser ad posted to YouTube, the company took viewers back in time with a black-and-white documentary style, with people giving confused looks at the iconic Beetle that has now become such a well-known car.

Doritos Dinamita starring Jenna Ortega

Doritos Dinamita was one of the many brands getting their first Super Bowl ad this year, although this is not the first Big Game ad for the regular chip brand.

Its teaser ad featured the Wednesday star, Jenna Ortega, as she is seen looking stressed in a grocery store aisle only to discover that there are no more Doritos Dinamita chips on the shelves.

Coors Light

Coors Light returned to the Super Bowl in 2024 with its iconic Coors Train, a part of the brand’s history that hasn’t been seen in 12 years.

Its teaser ad featured a can sitting on train tracks indicating the return.


Anheuser-Busch’s Budweiser is another beer brand that was featured in the Super Bowl this year. One commercial that a lot of people look forward to every year are those from Anheuser-Busch that feature the beloved and iconic Clydesdales and sometimes a cute, fluffy puppy.

Last year fans were outraged at the iconic horses having minimal screen time, so this year they were highlighted in their ad’s teaser.

Uber Eats starring David and Victoria Beckham

Uber Eats enlisted help from both David and Victoria Beckham for their 30-second Super Bowl ad this year.

The brand’s teaser paid homeage to an iconic scene in their Netflix documentary series where Victoria claimed she came from a “working-class” upbringing when David popped behind a door frame telling her to “Be honest” and made her admit that her dad drove a Rolls-Royce. In the clip Victoria can be seen wearing a shirt that reads, “My dad had a Rolls-Royce” as the couple goes on to forget the name of the Super Bowl itself in addition to Jennifer Aniston, mistakingly calling her “Jessica.”

Uber Eats starring Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer

The food delivery brand continued to tease their commercial this time using the Friends alums Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer.

This teaser stuck with the theme of “forgetting” as Schwimmer comes up to Aniston and she has no idea who he is despite playing love interests on the sitcom for 10 years. The tagline of the commercial reads, “Whatever you forget, remember UberEats gets anything.”

Dunkin’ starring Ben Affleck and Jack Harlow

The coffee and donut franchise recently had a commercial that premiered during the Grammys with Affleck that ended on a cliffhanger as the words “To be continued...” flashed across the screen, indicating that another commercial would be coming.

Dunkin’ then took to both TikTok and Instagram to share still photos of Affleck again in a car with singer and rapper Jack Harlow in the driver’s seat with a caption that read, “caption this.”

Mountain Dew starring Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman

Mountain Dew introduced their flavour previously only sold at Taco Bell to grocery store shelves in their new ad for the Baja Blast flavour.

The ad mainly featured Aubrey Plaza as she names the many places where people can “have a blast.” The end of the commercial even features her having a blast while riding dragons alongside her former Parks and Recreation co-star, Nick Offerman.

E.l.f. Cosmetics starring Suits cast

The beauty brand was back with its second commercial during the big game. This time the ad was court room themed complete with the cast of Suits including: Gina Torres, Rick Hoffman, and Sarah Rafferty.

As for the court’s judge, Judge Judy also made an appearance with Meghan Trainor being one of the jurors as Torres is on the stand for spending too much money on makeup.

Skechers starring Tony Romo and Mr. T

Tony Romo popped up for the Super Bowl to remind viewers that the shoe brand doesn’t spell their name with the letter “t.”

The actor then popped up to disagree with this statement. “With this Hands Free Slip-ins technology, they make it so easy to put the ‘t’ in Skechers!” said Mr. T said. “Just slip in and now ‘t’ is in the Big Game with Skechers too! I pity the fool who’s bending down and dealing with laces nonsense!”

State Farm starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito

The former governor of California stared as Agent State Farm, a special agent who will go to great lengths to be a great neighbor in State Farm’s action movie spoof-style ad.


The candy brand released multiple teasers for its upcoming Super Bowl commercial using the tagline that there will be changes to the iconic candy.

Paramount + starring Patrick Stewart and Tua Tagovailoa

Sir Patrick Stewart stared alongside Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa and a host of children’s cartoon characters in Paramount+’s Super Bowl LVIII advert.

In amusing scenes, the Star Trek legend leads his team up the mythical Paramount mountain, before suggesting they throw Arnold Shortman - from the animated series Hey Arnold! - over the peak. Dressed as an old-school NFL player, Sir Patrick launched Arnold into the air, but not quite over. “So close,” he says, as music from Creed fades out and he turns his attention to Peppa Pig. Drew Barrymore, Jeff Probst and Thomas Lennon also appear alongside the cartoon characters


The skin care brand decided to dive in headfirst to the “Taylor Swift” effect on football as their commercial featured a teen girl using the skin care products as her dad watches football.

After the father watches his daughter get sucked into the football game after hearing Taylor Swift was attending the bond gets closer as her father hands her a jersey of her own with Swift’s lucky number 13 on it. The ad ends as they sit on the couch wearing the singer’s friendship bracelets while watching the game.

CeraVe starring Michael Cera

Another skin care brand teamed up with the actor whose name is very similar to the brand itself, Michael Cera.

After being seen signing bottles of the brand’s Daily Moisturising Lotion, he claims that the formula was created “by him” which CeraVe has jokingly posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, that this is not the case and it was created by dermatologists instead.

TurboTax starring Quinta Brunson

The Abbott Elementary star took to the Super Bowl to teach the lesson on why people should do their taxes.

Verizon starring Beyoncé

The phone brand showed Beyoncé challenged by a character played by Arrested Development actor Tony Hale as to whether she can “break” the internet.

She is then seen in a series of attention-grabbing stunts, including running a lemonade stand (in reference to her 2016 album Lemonade) and dressed in pink as “Barbey,” referencing Barbie.

She is also seen as “BOTUS,” the first female president, and the first woman to perform in space.

It concludes Beyoncé with saying: “OK, they ready — drop the new music. I told y’all the Renaissance is not over.”