LGBTQ+ health workers in Brazil kick off Pride with a dance challenge

Brazilian medical professionals are celebrating Pride Month with the hashtag #DesafioMedicasLGBT or #MedicalChallengeLGBT. Doctor Vinícius Borges launched the playful challenge. In it, the health workers pass a uniformed worker a stethoscope. When they receive it, the person taps the camera to transform into an outfit that shows off their personality, identity and some fun LGBTQ+ regalia.

To start things off, Borges takes off his lab coat to reveal a pink shirt that says “Gay.” Other transformations include Rita Borret, who goes from dawning a uniform to kissing her partner, and Miranda, a trans doctor, who wraps himself in a giant pink and blue transgender flag. Of course, each person playfully dances when it’s their turn too.

The medical professionals came together to show off representation in their field and reassure LGBTQ+ patients that those who take care of them also understand them.

“How many times have you been attended by a professional and thought that he did not understand your reality and experiences so well?” Borges wrote in the caption. “In this challenge, we brought together gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual people, trans women and trans men, all from the medical field, to show that we are occupying all spaces. Our achievements exist thanks to the efforts of many people who came before us: LGBT+ people from all areas.”

The video has since garnered nearly 50,000 views on Instagram.

“How I admire you!” one person wrote.

“I love your light and humorous way to deal with matters so much! It would be wonderful to have more empathetic professionals and an open mind for the most diverse areas!” another said.

“Beautiful people, look at how beautiful diversity is,” one wrote.

In honor of Pride Month, here are 15 Black-led LGBTQIA+ organizations to donate to.

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