Suicide Squad: The Joker’s Role Revealed

Ryan Leston
·UK Movies Writer

Although the upcoming ‘Suicide Squad’ features Jared Leto as the Joker, it looks as though he might not get as much screen time as we first thought…

‘Suicide Squad’ is quickly turning into one of DC’s hottest new movies… and with Jared Leto signing up as the Joker, it’s no surprise. But while the clown king of Gotham is perhaps the film’s most recognisable villain, it looks as though he’ll be spending most of the film in a padded cell.

That is, until the Suicide Squad come along…

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Warning: Possible Spoilers Ahead

According to the Latino Review, it looks as though the Joker won’t be getting many action sequences… at least, not until the end of the film.

“[Amanda] Waller has Joker moved to [her] prison as a means to keep Quinn in check,” they reveal. “He spends most of the film in a cell, very much like Hannibal Lecter, until he breaks out in the end.”

And another source at LR seems to confirm this.

“The script ends with a prison riot where most of them escape, including the Joker,” they reveal. “The Joker has a large part in the movie but doesn’t get involved in any action scene until the very end during the riot where he kills several people.”

Of course, many fans were wondering quite how the Joker would fit into the ‘Suicide Squad’ movie. After all, he’s not exactly a regular character when it comes to the comic books. But it seems this has already been thought through.

Bringing him in as a secondary character (to be released by the end of the movie) seems to capitalise on the Joker’s popularity while also setting him up for an appearance in one of the upcoming DC solo movie – most likely, the upcoming Justice League movie.

But what about the rest of our plucky villains? It looks as though LR has an update on the role o Rick Flag… and a possible reason why Tom hardy exited the movie.

“Rick Flag is there as a watchdog over Waller,” they explain. “The twist is his character is revealed as being in league with the villain, Rick Flag Snr at the end. (This is what I believe may have been the reason Hardy left) It is out of left field. They want the weapons that Waller has amassed.”

According to another source, these could be the changes to Rick Flag’s character that tipped Tom Hardy’s hand in deciding to leave ‘Suicide Squad’. And considering that it’s likely not the kind of character he signed up to play, I can see why that might be a problem.

Of course, all of this remains a rumour… at least for now. But it really does explain a lot.

‘Suicide Squad’ heads to cinemas on 5 August 2016.

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Picture Credit: DC Entertainment / Imgur