Suicide Squad’s Will Smith Still Hasn’t Met Jared Leto, Only The Joker

Having recently shot ‘Suicide Squad’ together you’d imagine that Jared Leto and Will Smith are now extremely close friends.

But the rapper and actor has now surprisingly revealed that he’s still yet to meet Leto, instead he’s only exchanged dialogue with him when he was in character as The Joker, and the camera was rolling.

Speaking to Zane Lowe during his appearance on Monday’s Beats 1 radio show, Will Smith, explained, “I have never actually met Jared Leto. We worked together for six months and we’ve never exchanged a word outside of ‘action’ and ‘cut’. “

And for those of you that think that Smith was slightly exaggerating with this story, he then decided to break down how much Leto didn’t actually communicate with the rest of the cast while shooting ‘Suicide Squad’.

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“We’ve never said, ‘hello.’ We’ve never said, ‘good day.’ I’ve only ever spoken to him as Deadshot and him as The Joker. I literally have not met him yet … No, not a single word exchanged off camera. He was all in on The Joker.”

But, clearly Will Smith doesn’t harbour any grudge or think any less of Leto for his approach. In fact, he can’t wait to actually meet the 30 Seconds From Mars leading man, as he added, “I’m looking forward to meeting him. I’ve only ever met The Joker.”

Rumors of Jared Leto’s unique and methodical approach to his ‘Suicide Squad’ performance have been rather rife over the last few months. First of all it was revealed that the actor had sent pet rats to each of the actors, while Margot Robbie later admitted that she was petrified of him during the shoot.

Hopefully, that’s all going to add up to one terrific performance though. And in order for Leto to simply match, let alone eclipse the recent, stellar and iconic portrayals of the character by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, he’s going to have to do something vastly impressive.

The fact that he has a shiny gold Academy Award on his mantle should give him a dose of confidence that he can do just that though. We’ll find out for ourselves when ‘Suicide Squad’ is finally released on August 5, 2016.

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[Images via DC]