Suits Is Finally Seeing A Decline On The Streaming Charts, And Another Popular Drama Is Right On Its Heels

 Meghan Markle on Suits.
Meghan Markle on Suits.

Suits has had quite a “Cinderella Story” in recent months. The legal drama has been breaking records on Netflix since dropping in June, and showrunner Aaron Korsh has even explained why Suits has been so popular. So much so that a new Suits series is in development because of the rising popularity. However, it seems that the Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle-led show may be ending its dominance, as another acquired drama is coming up quick behind it.

Suits' numbers began rolling in June as fans picked up a binge of the series. However, it now looks like the time has come for those numbers to cool a bit. In fact, Deadline notes the former USA Network series was down 20% in viewers during the week of September 25 to October 1 on Netflix and Peacock (where the series is also streaming in full along with short-lived spinoff Pearson). Sure, it was able to stay on top of the overall streaming chart with 1.43 billion minutes viewed across the two platforms.

Viewership had been decreasing steadily throughout the month, likely as fans had been wrapping up and finding something else to watch, or even figuring out that Season 9 is nowhere to be found on Netflix. The series was staying on top the entire summer, pretty much, though, so its dominance cannot be understated; regardless, it may be time to hand over the crown, or the scalpel as it were.

That's because as Suits’ viewership drops, Grey’s Anatomy is making a major comeback on streaming. The ABC medical drama jumped all the way up to second place, raking 958 million viewing minutes, up 779 million the previous week. While the series has remained a top series on Nielsen’s charts, according to the outlet, it’s never made this much of an impact in a short amount of time. Season 19 dropped on Netflix in June, meaning that fans are able to stream every single season of the long-running drama for the first time or the fifth time. It also keeps people occupied amidst Grey’s Anatomy's hiatus due to the strikes.

Given the number of seasons, this dominance could have an even longer run than Suits, potentially. The medical series has 19 seasons to stream as compared to Suits’ nine, which is a major difference. There is a reason the medical drama was renewed for Season 20, even without Ellen Pompeo’s titular character in play. If you haven't watched the series before, we've compiled a helpful Grey's Anatomy starting points guide to help you work your way in.

Despite Suits’ decline, I'd like to again note the legal drama still seems to be doing pretty well. Just when you think it’s down for the count each week, it comes back swinging. It also wouldn’t be surprising if the series continues to stay on top for at least another couple of weeks, but Grey’s is right on its tail. I can't wait t see if they continue to duke it out in the coming weeks.

Suits and Grey’s Anatomy are two very great (but different) dramas, so it’s entertaining to see how well they are both doing on Netflix. Fans can always check them out and much more with a Netflix subscription or sign up for a Peacock subscription to watch all nine seasons of Suits. Hopefully, it won’t be long until Season 20 of Grey’s premieres, but there are 19 seasons to catch up on in the meantime.