Suits Is Still Crushing On Netflix, But A Reboot Of Another Popular Franchise Is Now Making Its Mark

 rachel on suits
rachel on suits

There are lots of things that one can do to enjoy their free time in the summer months, and a very popular diversion as of late has (somewhat surprisingly) been using one’s Netflix subscription to stream the bejesus outta Suits. The series, which aired nine seasons from 2011 through 2019, hit the service on June 23 and pretty much became an instant streaming success. It’s still crushing on Netflix, but now a reboot of another beloved franchise is starting to make its mark on the streaming charts.

How Well Has Suits Done While Streaming On Netflix So Far?

As Deadline reports, the Nielsen Streaming Top 10 was still dominated by Suits in the week of July 24-July 30, even though it didn’t manage to break its record for viewing minutes, as it had for each week prior. However, the show that’s saving Meghan Markle’s Netflix reputation still brought in 3.6 billion viewing minutes, with fans watching on the granddaddy of streaming services and Peacock (where the final season can be found).

It sounds like some of you have possibly responded well to star Gabriel Macht’s challenge to watch the whole series at least 17 times, because the legal drama has now amassed a positively whopping 20 billion viewing minutes on streaming in the first six weeks since it debuted on Netflix. This now makes it second overall in total viewing minutes, with only Stranger Things’ behemoth of a Season 4 topping it, and by only 7 billion viewing minutes. That Suits revival fans have been clamoring for might still be a longshot, but it’s never looked like more of a possibility, OK?

What Rebooted Popular Show Is Now Making Its Mark On Streaming?

After a decade without new episodic entries (though there’d been a podcast and easter eggs a-plenty in Disenchantment), the same week saw the triumphant return of Futurama, this time on Hulu (which became its streaming home in 2018), with the July 24 premiere episode bringing in 506 million viewing minutes. That doesn’t land it in the Top 10 just yet, but no one can doubt that Fry, Leela, Bender, and the rest of the gang don’t have a dedicated following who might soon change that.

Futurama, in case you’re unaware, comes from The Simpsons mastermind Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, and first landed on Fox back in 1999. The series saw the adventures of pizza delivery guy Fry after he accidentally cryogenically freezes himself and wakes up in 2999, and joins the crew of an interplanetary delivery service. Plenty of fans have rallied around the show for years, especially after its initial cancellation in 2003. It was then revived by Comedy Central from 2008-2013, but those 10 total seasons simply weren’t enough for fans, and Hulu managed to give us what we wanted, with the original cast returning to voice all our faves.

If anything, the popularity of Suits and Futurama proves that when people love a show, they’ll dive right into it when they finally have the chance and barely come up for air.