SunChips Debuts an Eclipse-Inspired Bag of Chips with 2 Flavors In It

Astronaut Kellie Gerardi helped come up with it.



America’s gearing up for this spring’s total solar eclipse. And like anything American, there will be themed snacks to accompany the event.

In honor of the celestial occurrence, SunChips is releasing a never-before-seen bag of chips that’s truly unlike any other crunchy snack on the market (at least, on this planet).

The special edition cosmic chip offers two flavors in one bag, a new mash-up that echoes the sun and moon in synchronicity. SunChips Solar Eclipse Limited-Edition Pineapple Habanero and Black Bean Spicy Gouda chips are created to mirror bright sunny skies and the cheesy moon. The chips are packaged in a limited edition 2024 bag that may be a social media trophy to those who can acquire the exclusive snack. And in case you were wondering, the special chips are space traveler-endorsed. 

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SunChip’s limited edition, very niche snack is being released in partnership with astronaut Kellie Gerardi, whose social media videos of accomplishing her dreams and traveling to space have made her the most viral astronaut in the universe — and probably beyond.

“As a researcher and astronaut with a love for all things space, I can’t wait to celebrate this exciting event with SunChips,” Gerardi said in a news release. “Total solar eclipses are rare and special events, and I hope people can take a moment out of their busy daily life to pause and enjoy the incredible sight.”

Like anything rare and cool, the special SunChips flavor will be offered via an exclusive drop.

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During the total solar eclipse on April 8, SunChips will offer a giveaway for the entirety of the four-minute and 27-second event. When the eclipse starts at 2:33 p.m. CT in the southwestern U.S., chip fans can glance away from the sky (those not in the path of totality can take advantage) and visit to try and order a bag of the new flavor while supplies last. 

“SunChips harnesses the power of the sun for its unique flavor and goodness, so there’s no better moment to spotlight this snack than during the extraordinary solar eclipse,” Rhasheda Boyd, vice president of marketing at Frito-Lay, said in a news release. “With this exclusive flavor drop, fans who get their bag during the moment of totality will have the opportunity to continue celebrating the eclipse even after the rare event is over.”

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