Superman's granddad defends 'Justice League,' wants to know where 'Man of Steel 2' is

Get ready to see Jax-Ur as you’ve never seen the character before
Get ready to see Jax-Ur as you’ve never seen the character before

Superman’s granddad, AKA actor Cameron Cuffe, has come out in defence of Justice League.

Cuffe plays Seg-El in the new Superman prequel series, Krypton, and told Yahoo Movies UK that the criticism of the DC film was “absolutely” unfair.

“It’s really really difficult to come up with a superhero film nowadays because there is so much out there so you’re going to be judging it across everything else,” the British actor said.

“The important thing about these movies is that they have to be fun, first and foremost, they have to be exciting and fun. I think Justice League was and I do think that film gets a bad wrap.”

Cameron Cuffe wants a sequel to Man of Steel
Cameron Cuffe wants a sequel to Man of Steel

Cuffe also admitted that he is eagerly awaiting the arrival of another solo film centred around his character’s grandson.

“For me, Superman has always been my favourite character and I think Henry Cavill is a fantastic Superman,” he said. “I really want to see that second Man of Steel movie. Where is it?”

Cavill debuted as Clark Kent/Superman in 2013’s Man of Steel and both he and fans have been aching for a follow-up. Former DC Entertainment president and Superman comics writer, Geoff Johns, reaffirmed that sentiment at San Diego Comic-Con, saying a sequel was needed, but an official confirmation has yet to be delivered from Warner Bros.

However, Superman fans looking for a Kryptonian fix only have to look to E4 this summer as the show will be airing on the channel.

Cuffe says that the show – written by Man of Steel screenwriter David S. Goyer – borrows from the DC films, the comic books, and animated properties.

“We wanted to build our ultimate version of Krypton so we drew inspiration from many different parts of the mythos,” the actor explained. “It’s written by David Goyer but equally we draw from Geoff Johns’ Krypton arc and we draw inspiration from John Burns’ World of Krypton.

“So we take from different movies, from the animated series, we take from comic books to build on what we feel is the ultimate version of Krypton and there are little sprinklings of Blade Runner and Star Wars in there too.”

Krypton is available on Digital Download later this summer and DVD and Blu-ray in the new year

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