“Survivor 46” exclusive deleted scene shows tribe cooking disaster

“Survivor 46” exclusive deleted scene shows tribe cooking disaster

"Anyone up for poison?"

You may have noticed that they don’t give players a ton of food on Survivor. Some rice. Maybe some beans, if you’re lucky. Occasionally, you may win a reward feast here or there, but it is really imperative for contestants to live off the land and sea if they are going to make it in the game. That would explain why one person took to eating ants on this week’s episode of Survivor 46. And it would also explain why an entire tribe made a costly error in an exclusive deleted scene that you can only see right here.

The tribe in question is the Siga tribe, and Maria Shrime Gonzalez thought that she hit pay dirt when she found a sea urchin out in the water. Next thing you know, Ben Katzman was stabbing it with a machete. And then things went bad.

<p>CBS</p> Ben Katzman on 'Survivor 46'


Ben Katzman on 'Survivor 46'

“We get this sea urchin, explains Maria in the scene. “And in the process of getting it, I think we popped it open.”

Yeah, that doesn’t sound good. After putting the “popped open” sea urchin in the pot with a crab someone had caught, and then trying to boil both together, things went from bad to worse. “Lo and behold, we take off the pot and it's black,” says Moriah Gaynor, whose hands are also discolored while talking. “It's pitch black, and we're like, ‘Anyone up for poison?’”

<p>CBS</p> Charlie Davis on 'Survivor 46'


Charlie Davis on 'Survivor 46'

Sometimes, all you can do is laugh, which seems to be Tim Spicer’s approach. “The pot is brown!” Tim exclaims. “I could have wrote a damn essay with that much ink.”

In the end, lesson learned. “Scrappy Siga tried our hardest with the sea urchin,” summarizes. Moriah. “But it was a valuable learning experience of… sea urchins belong in the sea.”

Watch it all go wrong for the Siga tribe in the exclusive Survivor 46 deleted scene at the top of the article.

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