“Survivor 46” player uncovered secret pre-game flower alliance

“Survivor 46” player uncovered secret pre-game flower alliance

Or so he claims.

The game of Survivor starts well before players actually hit the island. They see each other in casting finals, and then have to spend multiple days around each other out in Fiji before the game actually starts. And that’s when first impressions are formed. However, can those first impressions be trusted, especially when the players are not even allowed at that point to talk to each other? Because the game-before-the-game is already in full swing, who knows what is real when most people are trying to be on their best behavior.

“There's no one nicer than a group of Survivor players that know they're about to play the game with each other,” season 46’s Charlie Davis told us, before imitating the fellow contestants. “‘Oh, let me just pull out this chair for you. Oh, I'll push the chair back in. Do you need a pen? Do you need my firstborn son? He’s yours! Have him.’  Everyone is so nice to each other.”

<p>Robert Voets/CBS</p> The cast of 'Survivor 46'

Robert Voets/CBS

The cast of 'Survivor 46'

So how is a certified Swiftie like Charlie supposed to figure out whom he does and does not want to play with out on the island? “I'm just on the lookout for people who are just being a little sneaky and you can sort of see the twinkle in their eye that either they're not as nice as they're pretending to be, or the niceness is a coverup for being incredibly smart and devious and strategic. And I've got my eye on some people for sure.”

Of course, Charlie is not the only cast member from Survivor 46 (which premieres Wednesday on CBS) who sized his fellow players up before the game began. Moriah Gaynor was worrying about “people I don't particularly see having a lot in common with — maybe the blonde guy. Super buff. The Hercules effort doesn't seem to jibe with me. Similarly, a really absolutely drop-dead-gorgeous woman who seems a little bit on the younger side, maybe 18. I don't know if her and I can maybe talk about our shared similarities as much.”

That would be Hunter McKnight and Venus Vafa that Moriah is referring to, which begs the question: Does Moriah own a pair of NYSNC sweatpants? Because that might explain the disconnect.

<p>Robert Voets/CBS</p> 'Survivor 46' contestants during a competition on season premiere

Robert Voets/CBS

'Survivor 46' contestants during a competition on season premiere

“There was one girl who had NSYNC sweatpants on that said, ‘No men, no cares,’” explains Hunter. “And I don't know if that's an NSYNC reference, but I'm a man. And so I don't know if that makes me feel great that someone has that mindset going into the game. But then I found out that same person was also the only other left-handed person that I've seen. And so maybe now I have to work with them.”

Hunter was not the only male player to not be feeling love from some of the women before the game began. In fact, Q Burdette believed he had uncovered a diabolical pre-game flower alliance!

“What I've noticed so far: the girls? They're clique tight,” Q told us. “Some of 'em don't even want to make eye contact with me. And two days ago, I woke up and I saw two flowers in girls’ hair. And I told myself: If a third wants to have a flower today, I'm in trouble. Well, guess what? I saw a flower! And it was a different girl! So they're in cahoots. They're communicating some way right now, and I'm excited to unravel that mystery.”

<p>Robert Voets/CBS (3)</p> Venus Vafa, Q Burdette, and Jem Hussain-Adams of 'Survivor 46'

Robert Voets/CBS (3)

Venus Vafa, Q Burdette, and Jem Hussain-Adams of 'Survivor 46'

You heard it here first, people: The flower alliance cannot be stopped and will turn Survivor 46 into a post-apocalyptic wasteland littered with the corpses of their male counterparts! Although, there is one person who is not likely to be member of that so-called clique, and her name is Kenzie Petty.

“I really want to vibe with the girlies, but I'm vibing with the dudes right now," Kenzie told us before the game. “It's probably because I'm pretty. I'm going to use it. That's what I'm feeling.” But that’s not to say Kenzie was vibing with all the men. “I’m not vibing with shaved head guy, [he has] not smiled one time. So we'll see about that.”

That would be Randen Montalvo. And Randen is not the only person to be arrested by the pre-game smile police that is Kenzie, as it seems Maria Shrime Gonzalez has also received a citation. “And the older lady — the mom type with the dark hair and she's tan — has not smiled. One time Jeff Probst walked by us — she did not smile. And I was like, ‘What?' So based off of those silent clues, that's who I'm going to say. But I am open-minded and hoping that I'm wrong.”

We’ll see who is right or wrong with their pre-game first impressions when the Survivor 46 premiere drops Feb. 18, but in the meantime, check out the rest of the cast’s first impressions in the video below. (NOTE: Due to some technical difficulties, we don’t have Maria, David Jelinsky, or Jess Chong sizing up their cast mates, so we’ll just go ahead and assume they hated every single one of them.)

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