Susan Sarandon doesn't say a word in strange guest appearance on 'Conan'

Nick Paschal
Supervising Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Nathan Fielder from Comedy Central‘s Nathan For You visited Conan Tuesday, but he wasn’t alone. Because Nathan feels awkward telling stories on talk shows, he brought Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon as a backup in case his stories sucked. As Nathan described it, “It’s kinda like, you know how planes have two engines so if one of them fails?” Once everybody was onboard with the bizarre plan, Nathan went ahead with his personal anecdote.  

Nathan then told a long story about his two cats, Rocket and Jackie. The story was an awkward attempt to relate to the audience. He started it by saying, “So I don’t know if there’s any pet owners out there, but I have two adorable cats.” After that cat-tastic account, Conan couldn’t fight his talk show host instincts and asked Susan a question, which Nathan took as an insult. “She’s only here as a backup. You’re only supposed to talk to her if the story’s not going well, but I thought it was, right?” Nathan said, concerned that his tale was boring. Conan assured him that it was going well, so Nathan continued with another cat-tastic story. The comedian finished his anecdote, and with the “banter” portion of the interview over, Nathan thanked Susan and sent her on her way. Just like that, Susan’s time on the couch was over without her ever saying a word.

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