Sydney Sweeney Says Talking About ‘Euphoria’ Season 3 Is “as Scary as Talking About Marvel”

Sydney Sweeney is opening up about Euphoria season three and how the hit HBO series is increasingly becoming more secretive.

The actress-producer sat down with Happy Sad Confused podcast host Josh Horowitz at the 92nd Street Y in New York City on Wednesday, where they discussed Euphoria, among other projects of hers, including new film Immaculate.

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While chatting about the HBO series, the host asked her if she was ever concerned about whether or not the show would be coming back. She suspiciously started drinking water, which Horowitz jokingly called her out on and asked if she was excited to head back to set for season three.

“Honestly, it’s, like, as scary as talking about Marvel,” Sweeney joked, seemingly referring to the film franchise’s reputation for being super secret. “I said one thing, and it went everywhere.”

Earlier this month, in a separate conversation with Horowitz, The White Lotus actress said that despite her busy past few months with Anyone But You and Madame Web, she wasn’t taking much time off.

“I go into Euphoria,” she noted, which went viral as fans of the Emmy-winning series took it to mean the Zendaya-starring show would be returning to their screens sooner than anticipated.

While she wouldn’t confirm an exact date, Sweeney did coyly respond to the host’s question about if she’s seen any scripts for the upcoming season, saying, “Maybe. I don’t know.” She also admitted that she feels like she goes home whenever she’s filming Euphoria.

In the conversation this week, the Immaculate star and producer also shared that she loves Cassie. “Cassie truly is a dream to play and as an actor, I’m so fortunate that I’ve had a character like her at such a young age,” she explained. “And, of course, I wanna keep living her crazy. I love it.”

Euphoria season three has not begun production yet but is set to air on HBO sometime in 2025.

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