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    Hollywood's 'bottomless pit' of blackface: Why it has taken so long for white creators and comedians to apologize

    With stars like Tina Fey, Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon apologizing and shows like "Community," "The Golden Girls" and "Scrubs" deleting episodes featuring blackface, Hollywood is finally beginning to reckon with one of its most insidious comedic tropes.

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    11 actors who made millions from adverts

    Let’s face it, they do pretty well money-wise in their day jobs on the big and small screen. But for these stars, hocking a product proved really lucrative.

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    8 Actors Who Were Almost Cast As The Leads In Friends

    - What Happened To The Guy Who Played Jar Jar Binks? - What Happened To Jennifer From Back To The Future? Ellen DeGeneres Almost Played Phoebe Now a celebrated talk show host, gay rights advocate and US entertainment maven, DeGeneres was highly-regarded by the network, even though the producers felt Lisa Kudrow had nailed the part in her audition. In fact, Ellen was snared by ABC to star in her self-titled sitcom, which premiered the same year as ‘Friends’ and broke new TV ground when DeGener

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