Big Bang Theory

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    Is HBO Max coming to the UK?

    Combining content from HBO Max and Discover+, new streamer MAX looks like it'll be top of everyone's download lists.

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    Fans say emotional goodbye to 'The Big Bang Theory'

    Fans have been saying their goodbyes to US sitcom The Big Bang Theory as its final episode hit the air.


    Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons Says It Was the 'Right Time' to End the Show: 'We Chewed All the Meat Off This Bone'

    As The Big Bang Theory inches closer to its May series finale, Jim Parsons is reflecting on the decision to bid farewell to the CBS sitcom after 12 years. In the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly, the man behind Sheldon Cooper spoke candidly about the series’ imminent end, revealing that he “just felt that it was time” for Big […]

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    Professor Stephen Hawking's greatest pop culture cameos

    Dr Stephen Hawking may well have been one of the greatest minds of our time, but he never took himself too seriously.

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    8 TV Shows That Were Radically Changed Before Becoming Successful

    It was the big break for Johnny Depp that nearly wasn’t. In the pilot show, the character of saxophone-playing undercover high school detective was played by Jeff Yagher, back in 1987. Josh Brolin was an option, but creator Patrick Hasburgh asked Johnny Depp to play the part for a second time, having already turned it down once.

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    The Highest Paid TV Stars Of All Time

    Movie stars might have the glamour, but it’s the TV stars who rack up the dollars, sitcom actors in particular. Herein some of the most insane pay packets in telly history. Image credits: NBC/CBS/ABC/Fox/HBO

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    The Highest-Paid TV Actors of 2015 Revealed

    The stars of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ have been named as the highest-paid male TV actors of 2015. Analysis by Forbes puts the cast of the hit CBS sitcom at the top of the TV-land pile thanks to newly negotiated contracts which earn some of the cast $1m per episode, proving once again that television can be just as lucrative - if not more - than cinema for actors.

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