Final Destination

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    How 'The X-Files' helped spark the 'Final Destination' franchise

    It’s been 20 years since the first Final Destination arrived – and as Simon Brew explores, without The X-Files TV show, it wouldn’t have happened at all…

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    New 'Final Destination' movie will focus on first responders and feature death by revolving door

    'Final Destination' producer Craig Perry has lifted the lid on the upcoming return of the horror franchise.

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    ‘Saw’ team to reboot ‘Final Destination’ franchise

    Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan will write the script for the sixth installment in New Line Cinema’s “Final Destination” franchise, the studio announced Friday. The films have grossed almost $700 million worldwide since the first film’s debut in 2000. The “Final Destination” franchise is one of the longest running at New Line, where horror is a specialty. Melton and Dunstan won “Project Greenlight” Season 3 and are best known for writing four of the “Saw” movies (movies four to seven). Their

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    Does The Witch Offer A New Direction For Horror Films?

    Robert Eggers’ ‘The Witch’ is an altogether different brand of horror film. Rather than a film purely about scares and the explicitness of them, Eggers invites us to truly buy into the folklore, lifestyle, and mythology: the witch herself, the notion of religious influence, and the conflicting sets of rules that binds them together.

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    10 Of The Goriest Deaths In Horror Film History

    The king of it, of course, was Peter Jackson, who made it an art-from in his early filmmaking days in New Zealand. The film, about a heavy metal band who accidentally summons an ancient evil force, is packed with more gore, guts and DIY tools to the face than you could shake an eviscerated intestine at. Considering most of his career choices of late, Johnny Depp might occasionally wish his bed would swallow him up.