Kong Skull Island

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    Best movie posters of 2017

    It's been a hell of a year for movie posters – we're running out of walls to hang all the best movie posters of 2017 on.

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    Kong: Skull Island director brutally skewers own movie in Honest Trailer

    Jordan Vogt-Roberts proves to be his own worst critic when it comes to his 2017 giant monster blockbuster.

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    Hail to the King: Kong Skull Island concept art shows iconic ape on a throne

    The iconic star of monster hit ‘Kong: Skull Island’ was once envisioned as a more regal, literal king, according to new concept art released online. One of the film’s best assets is its visual design, brought to life from concept art like this by cinematographer Larry Fong and ‘The Kings of Summer’ director Jordan Vogt-Roberts.

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    Five things Kong: Skull Island gets right about modern monster movies

    It’s also the second film in a Legendary Pictures mega-monster cinematic universe that began with 2014’s ‘Godzilla’. The idea, following 2019’s ‘Godzilla 2’, is for the King of Monsters to face off with King Kong in a earth-shaking, skyscraper-bothering rematch, following their big screen clash in 1962.

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    Samuel L Jackson attempts to clarify 'black British actors' remarks at Kong premiere

    ‘Kong: Skull Island’ star Samuel L Jackson has responded to criticisms regarding his recent comments that suggested he thought black British actors shouldn’t be cast as African-Americans in Hollywood movies, suggesting black American actors aren’t “afforded the same luxury” in the UK. In an interview with US radio station HOT 97 earlier this week, Jackson questioned whether British star Daniel Kaluuya was the best man for the lead role in hit horror film ‘Get Out’. The film highlights racial te

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    Tom Hiddleston: 'I would be dead if I did real SAS training for Kong: Skull Island'

    Despite playing a former SAS soldier and undergoing a rigorous military training regime for ‘Kong: Skull Island’, its (human-sized) star Tom Hiddleston admits he’s not tough to be a real special forces operative. “I was trained [for the film] not by the SAS,” explains the star who plays grizzled tracker James Conrad in the film, “because I probably would be dead by now. Because my physical fitness is nowhere near the level required.

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    King Kong Lives: Revisiting the terrible Kong flop you never saw

    Films about King Kong have a chequered history – for every great Ray Harryhausen stop-motion battle, there’s a cheesy cash-in featuring the mega-monkey’s offspring. Kong survives the fall from the Empire State Building, is fitted with an artificial heart – yes, really – then falls in love with a Lady Kong and has a kid with her.

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