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    Producers Of Tom Cruise Movie Mena Sued Over Fatal Plane Crash

    The filmmakers behind new Tom Cruise movie ‘Mena’ are being sued for wrongful death, following a fatal plane crash while the movie was shooting last year. Alan Purwin, an experienced stunt pilot (pictured with Cruise above), was killed when a twin-engine plane crashed in Colombia in September, 2015. Purwin’s widow Kathryn and his sons Kyle and Michael are claiming that Carlos Berl, who was flying the plane and also died in the crash, was not qualified to do so.

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    Family Of DEA Informant Sue Universal Over New Tom Cruise Movie Mena

    The daughter of Barry Seal, a former CIA-linked pilot-turned-drug smuggler, is suing Universal over their new movie ‘Mena’. The movie stars Tom Cruise as Seal, who after it was discovered he was flying planes full of cocaine for Pablo Escobar, informed on the drug kingpin’s Medellín Cartel to the DEA. Now his daughter Lisa Seal Frigon has filed a lawsuit in Louisiana against Universal over a reported $350,000 deal made to tell his story as granted by Seal’s third wife.

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