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    The 20 Most-Watched TV Episodes EVER

    Back when there were considerably fewer channels, TV audiences were truly colossal. Check out the highest-rated TV episodes of all time… Image credits:Rex Features/BBC/CBS

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    The Full Monty Cast: Then And Now

    Guy Speer burst into the mainstream as Guy, the troupe member with a notoriously large appendage. 1999’s musical-themed ‘Swing’ with Lisa Stansfield didn’t fly, but he returned to the genital theme in Volume 1 of Lars Von Trier’s ‘Nymphomaniac’ in 2013. On television, he is hated by devotees of ‘Skins’ for the playing the evil psychiatrist who killed Freddie and more recently played a copper in vicar detective series ‘Father Brown’, as well as commander of the titular gang in the BBC’s version