Patricia Arquette

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    Patricia Arquette accidentally hit co-star Joey King with her Golden Globes trophy

    With all due respect to Ricky Gervais, Arquette landed the biggest ding of the night when she accidentally struck Joey King with her award.

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    Ben Stiller called a 'son-of-a-b***h liar' by subject of his true crime series 'Escape at Dannemora'

    Joyce “Tillie” Mitchell says the series makes up details about her relationship with the convicts she helped escape from prison in 2015.

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    Patricia Arquette 'paid 50 percent less' than her 'Escape at Dannemora' co-star Benicio del Toro

    Del Toro is reportedly earning $400K per episode for the Showtime series compared to Arquette's $200K.

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    The Insane Story Behind Tiptoes – A Comedy Starring Gary Oldman As A Dwarf

    Gary Oldman has the “role of a lifetime” playing a dwarf, it features Matthew McConaughey and Kate Beckinsale at the height of their mainstream fame, yet it’s been called one of the worst and most tasteless movies ever made. When the British actress signed on for 2003’s ‘Tiptoes’, written and directed by cult filmmaker Matthew Bright, she agreed to do it for SAG minimum wage – with one condition. The now-63-year-old (below) had actually written the script for ‘Tiptoes’ when he was 18.

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    Toy Story 4 Casts Patricia Arquette In The Perfect Role

    While it was disappointingly confirmed last month that ‘Toy Story 4’ had been pushed back a year, things are still moving forward with the film as it’s been confirmed that Patricia Arquette has joined the cast. Yep, that’s a role that I can certainly see Patricia Arquette performing with aplomb, especially since her character in ‘Boyhood’ possessed plenty of these traits too. Other than that, as you’d expect, information regarding Patricia Arquette’s potential ‘Toy Story 4’ character is at a p

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    80s Horror Troll Spawns Potentially Litigious Spin-Off, The Rise of Harry Potter Jr

    1986 fantasy horror ‘Troll’ is not the most likely of 80s properties to be revived in the 21st century - but that;s just what’s happening, and we have a sneaky suspicion as to why. The troll’s name is Torok, and the boy’s name is - wait for it - Harry Potter Jr. Now, SC Films International have announced plans for ‘Troll: the Rise of Harry Potter Jr.,’ apparently set to be both an animated film and TV series further exploring the magical world the hitherto ordinary boy Harry finds himself thru