Rebecca Romijn

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    New on Paramount+ in June 2023: Best movies and TV from Strange New Worlds to iCarly

    Here's a rundown of the best new movies and TV coming to Paramount+ in June, from Strange New Worlds to iCarly.

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    X2: The first out and proud superhero movie

    Despite complaints to the contrary, comic books have always been political.

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    Bryan Singer Wants A Solo Movie For X-Men’s Mystique

    X-Men director Bryan Singer says the popular shape-shifting mutant Mystique deserves a solo movie of her own. As portrayed by Rebecca Romijn in the first three ‘X-Men’ movies, Mystique was a fairly clear-cut super-villainess, who used her shape-shifting ability to manipulate the unsuspecting. At this point, a solo movie based around Mystique wouldn’t seem too unlikely, if only to captialise on the popularity of actress Jennifer Lawrence, who has become an Oscar-winning superstar since joining