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    Quiz! As Twister turns 25... are you an expert on disaster films?

    As 'Twister' turns 25 years old, we want to know - are you a disaster movie expert?

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    'American Pie' at 20: Where are the cast now and who has had the most box office success?

    The frat boy classic has reached its 20th anniversary, but have its cast members gone on to glittering showbiz careers?


    Syfy's 'Sharknado' movie franchise to end with time travel-themed finale

    All good campy things must come to an end: Syfy has greenlit a sixth and final "Sharknado" film.

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    Donald Trump almost played the President in a Sharknado movie

    Perhaps it seemed too absurd a plot device, even for a film filled with flying sharks...

  • NewsRyan Leston

    Enjoying Trash Films Linked To High Intelligence

    “At first glance it seems paradoxical that someone should deliberately watch badly made, embarrassing and sometimes even disturbing films, and take pleasure in them,” explained Keyvan Sarkhosh, of the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics. The study which was titled: ‘Enjoying trash films: Underlying features, viewing stances, and experiential response dimensions’ attempts to get to the bottom of why we enjoy films which are traditionally thought to be terrible.

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    Sharknado 4 Gets Star Wars Pun Title

    Yes, SyFy creature feature series ‘Sharknado’ is still not showing any signs of slowing - and they’ve dreamed up a wonderfully pun-tastic title for their fourth installment.

  • NewsBen Bussey

    Backstreet Boys & ‘NSync Members To Film Zombie Western

    Backstreet Boy Nick Carter informs Rolling Stone that he will write and star in a movie provisionally entitled ‘Dead 7,’ for notorious straight-to-DVD/TV movie production house The Asylum - best known for the ‘Sharknado’ series. Carter will be joined by his fellow Backstreet Boys  Howie Dorough and A.J. McLean and ‘NSync’s Joey Fatone, Call it a hunch, but we rather doubt Justin Timberlake will be joining them. It also seems this could turn out to be a 90s boyband version of ‘The Expendables,’

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