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    New on Prime Video UK in May 2023: Best movies and TV from Air to The Whale

    Here's a rundown of the best new movies and TV shows heading to Prime Video UK in May 2023, from James May: Oh Cook! S2 to The Suicide Squad.

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    Lost In Space: The one where Matt LeBlanc tried to be an action hero... and failed

    In 1998 Matt LeBlanc was one of the biggest stars of the small screen when the big screen came calling.

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    The Forgotten Presenters Of Top Gear

    Clarkson, May and Hammond might have honed ‘Top Gear’ into its most iconic jeans-wearing, Mexican-baiting, bloke-bantz format, but what about those whose tenure has been less celebrated? Image credits: Rex Features/YouTube/BBC

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    What's Going Wrong With Top Gear?

    With the audience for the second episode of the newly-revamped ‘Top Gear’ having dropped by a third – that’s a sturdy 1.6 million fewer viewers than the debut show – things haven’t kicked off the way new host Chris Evans might have hoped. Viewers and critics have noted that Evans’ 'shouty’ style of presenting has already started to grate, and even ex-host Jeremy Clarkson seemed to be taking a pop, tweeting about his new show: It was perhaps a return barb after Evans, on the first show, told the

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    Captain America Abused By Top Gear Critics

    On Sunday night Chris Evans might have noticed that his Twitter account was being deluged with abusive messages regarding his performance on ‘Top Gear’. Unfortunately, rather than these messages heading to the 50-year-old television presenter, a number of them were instead sent to the 34-year-old ‘Captain America: Civil War’ actor. While Marvel’s Chris Evans calls @ChrisEvans his home on Twitter, ‘Top Gear’s’ Chris Evans has the handle of @achrisevans.

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    Why Is The New Top Gear Getting So Much Bad Publicity?

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that Chris Evans’ new series of ‘Top Gear’ is set to be the most controversial programme to ever grace your TV, judging by the almost daily stories emerging about its supposedly 'troubled’ route to our living rooms. You either love Chris Evans or you hate him. Feeding into the whole marmite business is the fact that Evans is being accused of bullying – exactly what Jeremy Clarkson was fired for, which makes for a bit of a perfect storm in terms of tabloid column

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    Eddie Marsan Slams Jeremy Clarkson Over Amazon Advert

    Eddie Marsan has taken a swipe at Jeremy Clarkson over his snipes at the BBC in his recently-released advert for the Amazon Fire. The Brit star of movies like ‘Vera Drake’ and TV shows like 'Ray Donovan’ and 'Jonathan Strange And Mr Norrell’ took to Twitter to vent his anger over the former 'Top Gear’ host’s behaviour. In response, Marsan tweeted: Imagine if your kid or sibling was attacked by Jeremy Clarkson for not providing hot food then he jokes about his sacking on Amazon prime ad— Eddie