Two And A Half Men

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    Charlie Sheen took over the internet 10 years ago. He has serious regrets.

    Sheen uttered "tiger blood," "winning" and other memorable phrases in a slew of off-the-rails interviews that began 10 years ago this week.

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    10 TV Shows With INSANE Endings

    To say the finale of The Brittas Empire felt like a bit of a cop-out is to understate the matter somewhat. Original writers Andrew Norriss and Richard Fegen left after five series, but it carried on for a further two, winding up with the insane episode ‘The Curse of the Tiger Women’. After leisure centre manager Gordon Brittas (Chris Barrie) is cursed by a gypsy, things get apocalyptic when people start dying after eating his food.

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    Two And A Half Men Star Angus T. Jones Is Now Bearded And Unrecognisable

    This, believe it or not, is Angus T. Jones, the child actor who starred in the hit CBS sitcom, alongside Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer, playing Jake, the son of Cryer’s character Alan Harper. Jones scored the role when he was just 10-years-old, and stayed in the show for 10 seasons over the space of 10 years.

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    The Highest-Paid TV Actors of 2015 Revealed

    The stars of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ have been named as the highest-paid male TV actors of 2015. Analysis by Forbes puts the cast of the hit CBS sitcom at the top of the TV-land pile thanks to newly negotiated contracts which earn some of the cast $1m per episode, proving once again that television can be just as lucrative - if not more - than cinema for actors.