Tan France Addresses ‘Queer Eye’ Allegations Over Bobby Berk Departure

Tan France says he had nothing to do with Queer Eye colleague Bobby Berk being apparently fired and replaced on the popular Netflix series.

“Yes, I’ve heard what’s going on, and I just want to address one point real quick. My former colleague getting fired had nothing to do with me trying to get my friend hired,” France, a co-host and fashion expert on the series, said in a Friday Instagram post.

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Rumors and accusations have flown since interior designer Berk left the series and news broke he would be replaced by Jeremiah Brent for the ninth season of Queer Eye after an alleged campaign led by France.

France, who fronts the style portion of the series, insists Netflix did its own casting for Berk’s replacement and without his campaigning for Brent, as he is accused of doing. “I didn’t prop my friend up for the job. They ended up getting it because they were the best person for the job. Am I so happy that they have the job? Uh-huh! I really am, I think they’re going to be incredible on the show. But I didn’t get them hired by getting rid of somebody else,” France said dismissively.

He added the media storm around Berk’s departure was prompted by little more than a rumor mill. “This all started because of a comment on a gossip blog. That just got reposted and reposted, and then it almost became gospel. So, from the horse’s mouth, I’m telling you, that that’s not at all how it all went down. That’s all I have to say on the matter. You need to dig deeper, if you still don’t believe me, so be it, but that’s it,” France said.

Representatives for Berk declined to comment on France’s social media post. On Friday, Berk also posted on his X, formerly Twitter, account a video of former first lady Michelle Obama’s insisting “When they go low, we go high!”

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