Target Is Launching a Paid Membership Program—Get It at a Discount for a Limited Time

It's like Amazon Prime, but for Target.

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If I had to pick a favorite superstore, I’d pick Target hands-down. They have most things I need in one convenient place, from hand towels to mascara to liquor and everything in between. I have the Target app and am a Target Circle member, which has exclusive deals, coupons, and rewards. I frequently clip coupons and place orders through the app for pick-up. It’s honestly a lifesaver.

When I heard that Target was adding membership tiers including a paid option, my ears perked up. If there was ever a yearly store membership I could justify, this might be it.

About Target’s New Circle 360 Membership

Starting in April, the Target Circle program is getting an overhaul. If these words gave you minor heart palpitations like it did me, don’t worry—there will still be a free option. Here are the different membership levels that will be available and what they include:

  • Circle: This free level of membership will remain much the same, including the membership discounts and bonuses. A nice change: Available deals will automatically be applied to your cart—you no longer need to clip a coupon.

  • Circle Card: Previously known as the Red Card, enrolling in a debit, credit, or reloadable Circle Card saves you 5% off on all Target purchases. Members also get free two-day shipping and an extra 30 days for returns along with the benefits of being a Circle member.

  • Circle 360: This is the biggest change, as this membership option did not exist before now. The focus is on quick delivery—free same-day delivery (in as little as an hour) on qualifying $35+ purchases. Included in this delivery offer are dozens of other retailers that are part of the Shipt marketplace. Glancing at the Shipt site, this could include CVS, Walgreens, Sephora, Petco, some grocery stores, and more. In addition to lightning-fast delivery, members will get free two-day shipping, extra time for returns, and all of the benefits allotted to Circle members.

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Simply Recipes / Adobe Stock

How Much Will It Cost?

Upon launch, Target will offer a special deal on their Circle 360 memberships: $49 for a year when purchased between April 7 and May 18. After that, memberships will cost $99 per year. If you have a Circle card, you can purchase a membership at $49 anytime.

Even at regular cost, Target’s membership is cheaper than Amazon Prime, which currently costs $139 per year. That being said, Prime includes a streaming platform and music service, while Target’s only offers quick deliveries and free shipping.

Is Target’s Circle 360 Membership Worth It?

It depends on how often you’re shopping at Target and how much you prize convenience. If you find yourself visiting or ordering from Target regularly and would love to have items delivered directly to you (and really quickly at that), then a Circle 360 membership could very well be worth it.

I could see this being extremely useful for busy families since you can get just about anything from Target, including fresh food.

Target also points out that you can have items delivered to anyone, so it’s also great for last-minute gifts and the like. One aspect that feels like a real value-add is free delivery for other stores on the Shipt marketplace. Rather than locking you exclusively into deliveries from Target, you can apply the perk to several major stores.

The $49 intro offer is certainly tempting. If you’re thinking of joining, consider doing so between April 7 and May 18 to get half off!

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