Taron Egerton had no idea about "crazy story" behind Tetris

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taron egerton, sofia lebedeva, nikita efremov, tetris
Taron Egerton had no idea about Tetris historyAppleTV

Kingsman and Rocketman actor Taron Egerton's new movie, Tetris, lands later this week.

A film telling the story of a game about falling blocks sounds like it should be incredibly dry, but there was a lot of drama along the journey to Tetris taking over the world.

It's not just the inherent interest of the story that brought Taron Egerton on board, but the feeling that it's probably not a history that many people know about. Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy, the actor admitted that he didn't know anything about it until he read the script.

taron egerton, sofia lebedeva, nikita efremov, tetris

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"I thought that if I don't know it, most people hopefully don't know, which makes it worthy of being made into a movie," he explained.

"It's just such a crazy story. It's always a good sign if the script's a real page-turner and it's not a struggle to get through.

"Sometimes you get sent stuff and it feels like a chore, you definitely shouldn't be making those films. Loved the script, loved the story. It's slightly unbelievable, so I'm glad to be a part of it."

Continuing on that thread of the story being "slightly unbelievable", Egerton admitted that things have been jazzed up a little bit as it's a Hollywood movie, but it remains true to the gist of what happens and the drive people like Henk Rogers (who he plays in the film) had.

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"It is larger than life and the story is condensed somewhat, but it's true to the spirit of who they are. I think that's what you try to do as filmmakers is capture the spirit, you do that through an interpretation of sorts, I suppose," he explained.

"From Henk, I was able to get a sense of how single-minded and ambitious and determined he was, and how much he genuinely cared for this guy who he met."

Tetris is released in select cinemas and on Apple TV+ from March 31.

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