Taylor Swift sent flowers to this fan's father's funeral

Wendy Geller
Senior Editor, Yahoo Entertainment
Taylor Swift sent flowers to this fan's father's funeral

When it comes to doing charitable things for fans, Taylor Swift has a résumé a mile long. Adding to her good karma: The singer recently sent a huge arrangement of flowers to the funeral of the father of one of her loyal fans.

Ryan Pickney’s dad, Tustin (Calif.) Police Department Master Reserve Officer Delbert “Del” Pickney, died unexpectedly of a heart attack while hiking Feb. 22. He was heralded as a hero who served his department for 29 years, according to the Tustin Police Department’s Facebook page.

Pickney, 52, had retired six months ago but was remaining with the department as a master reserve officer. Besides son Ryan, he left behind a teenage daughter, Racheal, as well as wife Stacey.

Dozens of Swift fans rushed to offer their condolences on Ryan’s Twitter post; thousands more shared and liked the tweet.

Swift’s seemingly random acts of kindness aren’t so random — she does them quite often for both individual fans and the population at large, and a complete list of her generosities would fill a book. Her grander gestures range from donating large sums to public schools to donating even larger sums to help victims of natural disasters such as the Tennessee wildfires as well as sending flowers to a police officer shot during the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas in October.

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