Tech gifts: The best smart home gadgets that you can buy right now

New tech is one of the most exciting gifts you can give. As there are so many options with each product having a different set of features, it can be tough to decide what to buy. So we’ve scoured shops across Britain and online to find the best out there so that you don’t have to.

Whatever your budget, there is something for everyone.

Under £50

Blue tooth tracker key ring (£29.99)

A bit like spy tech, you can stick it on anything that you think you could lose, be it house keys, car keys, your mobile phone, or even your handbag, and you can trace it.

Smart Plug (£24.99)

Turning off a hard to reach plug is one of those mildly irritating tasks before bedtime, but not anymore. These connect to a smart hub or an app on your phone for remote switch off and timer setting.

WeGo Elite+ Activity & Sleep Tracker (£29.99)

Sometimes you just want one gadget to do one thing, and this is the cheapest option for a tracker. It monitors time, steps, calories, distance, active, minutes, goals and sleep quality.

Fire Stick (£39.99)

Amazon’s next generation of media stick now includes the Alexa Voice Remote search and over 7,000 apps, games and Amazon Video, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, Netflix, YouTube – the list goes on.

IllumiBowl (£14.99)

A motion activated night light for the toilet. It lights up the toilet bowl as you walk into the bathroom. So there are no more accidents in the dark. With a soft glow, it won’t make you wide awake. It fits on any seat rim. If the person in your life needs landing lights, this is definitely the one.

Under £100

Amazon Echo (£89.99)

40% of homes will have an Echo by 2018, and it’s easy to see why as they connect all of your smart tech together, acting as the ‘brain’, as well as answering up to 15,000 commands to play music, turn on appliances, and source information.

FridgeCam (£99)

Not just for checking on your children’s midnight feast habits, the FridgeCam allows you to see the contents of your fridge from anywhere via the Smarter app and suggests recipes based on the food in your fridge.

RING Video Doorbell (£99)

Wi-fi enabled doorbell allows you to see, hear and speak to anyone who arrives on you doorstep via smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Master Lock Smart Outdoor Padlock (£79.99)

With Bluetooth unlocking via an app, and not a single use for a key or combination, this padlock frees you from the burden of number combinations that are always difficult to remember.

Sensorwake 2 Olfactor Alarm Clock (£95)

This alarm clock wakes you up with smells. And the scents come in little cassette shaped boxes, including ‘orange juice’, ‘toast’, and ‘tropical’. Set your alarm clock as you would, and you will wake up to an amazing scent. Just don’t opt for bacon…

Under £500

Smart Frame (£199)

The perfect family gift, this enables people to stay connected to their happiest memories on a daily basis, by essentially playing their chosen photos through a picture frame that comes in 15 or 18.5 inch with 4k ultra HD resolution that connects with your wifi.

Nest Cam IQ (£179.99)

Gone are the days where big money was splashed on a professional security camera installation. Now all you need is a phone app and this IT looking camera sitting nicely on your shelf to surveil your sanctuary from anywhere in the world.

Lifeprint Photo and Video Printer (£134.95)

This printer can print a photo from your smartphone as easily as you took it.

Wireless Charging Tables (£199)

Furniture is wising up to smart home and these tables are designed with wireless charging built into the surface so you simply place your phone down and it will soak in the juice.

Zeeq Smart Pillow (£199)

It has a sensor in it so that if you start to snore, it will gently tell you. A slight buzz will gently nudge you, as if to say ‘shh’. And it plays sounds, like running water water and birds. There’s even a sensor to wake you.

Under £1000

Bonaverde Berlin coffee machine (£742)

This is one of the first machines to feature an RFID reader that scans the coffee bag and receives bespoke instructions to roast and grind the type of bean, for a truly unique blend.


iPhone X (£999)

Face recognition, full screen display, and the power of Apple driving it, this feels and acts like sensational new technology and the perfect ‘wow’ gift for Christmas.

ANKER Nebula Long Throw HD Ready Portable Projector (£699.99)

Claiming to be the world’s first portably projector, it has a whopping three hours of battery life and the 3000 lumen lamp packs in a crisp 800p picture with enhanced contrast. Great for holidays or for garden cinema nights.

DJI Mavic Pro Drone (£999)

Record and stream live 4k Ultra HD footage to your smartphone or tablet, through this iOS & Android compatible drone. With a 40 mph speed and 21 minutes of flight time, this is great for filming outdoor family events such as garden parties or sports days.

Google Pixel 2 XL (£799)

The 5-inch Full HD display, powerful 12.2MP camera, and squeeze tech that allows you to summon Google Assistant makes it a worthy rival to the iPhone X.