Teenage Bounty Hunters: Netflix cancels its ‘best’ and ‘funniest’ show

Jacob Stolworthy
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'Teenage Bounty Hunters' has been cancelled by Netflix (Netflix)
'Teenage Bounty Hunters' has been cancelled by Netflix (Netflix)

Netflix has just cancelled a show that users called its "funniest" when it was released earlier this year.

Despite receiving high praise from viewers, Teenage Bounty Hunters has fallen victim to the streaming service’s pandemic-related culling.

Production on popular series GLOW’s fourth and final season has also been called off.

Teenage Bounty Hunters follows twins Sterling and Blair Wesley, who find jobs as bounty hunters so they can pay to fix their father’s truck.

While many seemed to initially write the show off due to its corny title, viewers were pleasantly surprised after deciding to give it a go.

“The fact that a show called Teenage Bounty Hunters is one of the funniest, most touching, best-cast shows of the year, with genuinely nuanced takes on religion, forgiveness, and being a teenager, is just another 2020 oddity,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“If you’d have told me 50 seconds before I hit play that Teenage Bounty Hunters was this f***ing good, I might have slapped y’all into next Tuesday,” another wrote, adding: “But here the f*** we are...”

Reflecting upon its cancellation, one person on Twitter called the series "absolutely one of their best, which had positive representation for LGBT & Black people. It’ll go down as a cult classic loved by many."

Somebody else tried to get the hashtag "#SaveTeenageBountyHunters" trending.

“Okay hey guys, I really need your help! Teenage Bounty Hunters is a really good, well-represented Netflix show and it just got cancelled. Now please if you could watch the show on Netflix and tweet #SaveTeenageBountyHunters that would mean so much.”

The first season, produced by Orange is the New Black’s Jenji Kohan, is available to stream now.

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