Teenager blown away by her mom’s ‘crazy’ financial demand: ‘It’s not like she needs the money’

An 18-year-old doesn’t understand why her mom is demanding money from her.

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She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to get some answers. During school break, she picked up a gig. But now her mom wants half of the teen’s salary every month. The family isn’t financially struggling so the Reddit poster is confused.

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“I just got a job during school break,” the Reddit poster said. “My mother heard about it and now insists that I pay her half of my salary every month. I stared at her in shock when she told me that. And she told me that I was being disrespectful and she mentioned how she used to give her parents money when she was working as well. It’s not like she needs the money or anything, we are pretty well off and yet my parents refuse to pay for my college.

The mom is now telling everyone that her daughter is selfish for not sharing the income.

“So I just wanted to get a job so I could hang out and have fun with my friends and also save up for some of my college expenses,” she explained. “She’s now ranting and venting to all of our family friends about how selfish I am for not sharing. None of my friends’ parents expected money from their salary.”

Redditors didn’t side with the mom on this one.

“I understand parents asking their children for $50 rent or something to try to teach them about bills when they reach 18, but half your salary?! That’s crazy,” a user commented.

“That’s highway robbery,” another said.

“Let her rant and rave. Don’t give her a dime,” someone added.

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