Teenager blown away by parents’ ‘selfish’ new household rule: ‘[They] sound awful’

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A 15-year-old boy is feuding with his father over a PlayStation 5 (PS5).

He shared his situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. The teenager bought himself a PS5 after landing a job. But after complaints from his younger siblings, his father is demanding the teen forfeit the PS5 to them.

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“I was raised by my mom and had virtually nothing to do with my dad throughout my childhood,” he wrote. “Tragically, two years ago, I lost my mom to cancer and thus I was placed under the care of my dad. My dad has remarried and has two sons (5 and 7) with his wife. It wasn’t a bad arrangement at first, but we were all essentially strangers.”

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“About 10 months ago, I was lucky enough to score a casual job at an aged care facility as IT support. I decked out my room with a new TV, headphones and a PS5. Obviously, this setup was of great interest to my two step-brothers.”

At first, the older brother let his younger siblings play with the console when he wasn’t around. But after the 5-year-old broke his controller, he only allowed them to play when he was there.

“They whined to my ‘parents’ who then ‘ordered’ me to place the PS5 in the living room,” he explained. “I refused, stating that I had purchased it with my own money. My dad then told the boys that he was going to buy a separate PS5 for the boys for Christmas, but the dude is clueless about the global shortage.”

“Finally last night, after realizing that he had zero chance of buying one for close to [retail price], my dad threatened me to either voluntarily gift my PS5 to the boys for Christmas or he would toss it in the bin while I was at school. I was so pissed that I went on Facebook Marketplace and sold the PS5. The boys found out today and were devastated.”

Redditors sided with the teenager on this one.

“Your father and his wife sound awful,” a user wrote.

“These people tried to steal your property,” another commented.

“What a selfish parent,” someone said.

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