People Break Up Every Single Day, So We Want To Know The Best Advice You Were Given Or Learned About Getting Over One

When it comes to breakups, the most common piece of advice I've heard is "time heals all wounds." And while I do believe it to be true, I want to hear what you learned post-breakup that helped you get over your ex or what advice you were given that made the healing journey a little easier for you.

Woman expressing overwhelmed emotion with a smile, surrounded by an outdoor setting

Did you immediately go "no contact" to break your attachment to them?

GIF of a woman using a smartphone, animated text reads "Delete. Erase. Unfollow. Whatever." She displays dismissive body language

Maybe you started journaling your feelings so you could have a better understanding of your thoughts and the situation as a whole.

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Or did you pick up a bunch of new hobbies to help keep your mind busy?

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Whatever it was, I want to know about great detail! And who knows, this advice could even end up helping someone.