Tenet's Kenneth Branagh on Christopher Nolan's extreme lengths to avoid spoiler leaks

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Tenet director Christopher Nolan is "very old-fashioned" in the way he likes to keep spoilers at bay, according to actor Kenneth Branagh.

Ahead of the mind-bending blockbuster's release next month, Branagh sat down for a video call with Collider, where he disclosed Nolan's extreme yet effective technique.

"It's like a handshake," he noted. "I'll tell you how I got the script: the door knocked, I opened the door and standing at the door was an international film director called Chris Nolan.

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"He had an envelope under his arm and he said, 'I've come to deliver the script to you'. It doesn't get more personal than that."

Branagh elaborated: "And then [I asked], 'How will we talk about this?' [Nolan said], '24 hours from now, sir, I will give you a telephone call and we will discuss it'. It's as simple as that.

"He says, 'It'd be nice if we maybe kept this to ourselves'... nobody signs anything. It's a handshake and a level of trust."

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Such is the level of Nolan's secrecy, the character Branagh will be playing in Tenet is currently known as 'a Russian who communes with the future'.

The screen legend continued: "When there are new scripts, I run to Chris' associate producer, Andy [Thompson], who will take from me either my script or replace the pages that are changed. But I don't ever want to have a script that isn't locked in my bag.

"Like on an airplane, if you're traveling to location and you're reading it... frankly, on a Nolan film, you think about that before your passport.

"It'll be fine if they don't let me into Estonia, but if they do let me into Estonia and I don't have the script for Tenet, I'm done. It's over."

Tenet is now set to arrive in cinemas on July 31.

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