General Zod interrupts Man Of Steel conversation in cinema toilet

Original star Terence Stamp surprises fans complaining about Zack Snyder reboot.

Terry Stamp now, and then as General Zod (Credit: Rex/Warner Bros.)

Terence Stamp, who played bad guy General Zod in the original ‘Superman’ movies, literally caught fans with their pants down when he interrupted a conversation about ‘Man Of Steel’ in an LA cinema toilet.

Brit-born Terry was getting ready to take part in a fan Q&A to promote new indie flick ‘Unfinished Song’, when he overheard the group complaining that Zack Snyder’s new Superman movie wasn’t as good as the original. Bet he was happy about that...

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"I spent an hour and a half driving down here from Ojai, and the first thing I wanted to do when I got out was take a leak,” Stamp told the audience at the LA Landmark Theatre.

“I go into the men's bathroom and there's a whole load of guys – obviously, ‘Man Of Steel’ had just turned out. So I take a pee, and I start washing my hands, and there's about 10 or 12 guys there, and they're talking about ‘Man Of Steel’.

“One says, 'Well, I don't know. If they'd have, like, peeled the buildings off the screen I wouldn't have been surprised, you know?' Another says, 'It was all so loud.' Then the guy down at the other end, who was only a little guy, said, 'Yeah, yeah!' And he said 'It really wasn't as good as the first one, was it?'”

By this point, the legendary (and we're guessing proud) British thesp couldn’t help pitching in his own thoughts.

“I just couldn't resist,” laughed Stamp, “I said, 'You're a very discerning man.' And as soon as they heard the voice they said, [screaming] 'Oh my God! It's General Zod!'”

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Stamp, who appeared in Richard Donner’s ‘Superman’ (1978) and ‘Superman II’ (1980) as the iconic Kryptonian villain, is replaced by ‘The Iceman’ star Michael Shannon in the newly released Henry Cavill fronted film.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Stamp recently revealed his upset upon finding out about the ‘Man Of Steel’ reboot:

"When I heard they were remaking it, or they were doing a version of it, I was kind of sad in a way. [Superman] was the benchmark for all of these comic book movies. There's never been anything quite as good as those Dick Donner movies."

"Since then, big movies have become computer generated," he added. "They've become unemotional, and so I was sad. I thought it would be diluted, in other words." 

‘Man Of Steel’, out now in the UK, has already netted more than $400 million (£260 million) worldwide.