Terminator Genisys: New Pic Of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Battle-Damaged T-800

Ben Arnold

We hope the T-800 doesn’t have tear ducts, because this looks really sore.

A new picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger as his ageing T-800 terminator cyborg has emerged online, all battered and bruised.

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The snap appeared on Twitter over the weekend, purportedly thanks to a German tour group taking in the sights at Paramount Pictures.

As per previous talk – from loose-lipped Arnold himself, as it goes – the skin on the T-800 is ageing just like it does on us real humans, giving his terminator a definite distinguished air.

It all adds to the building hype, of course, with some details of plot emerging back in October.

Arnie is playing the ageing terminator who has been guarding the orphaned Sarah Connor since she was nine, after she was left parentless by other killer robots from the future.

She even calls her protector terminator ‘Pops’, which is nice.

'Genisys' will be set partly in 2029 and partly in 1984, between a future war with human rebels battling artificial intelligence and the past, in which Kyle Reese is sent back in time to save his mother's life – and thus his own too.

Confused yet? You shall be…

Playing Reese is Jai Courtney, while John Connor is played by Jason Clarke, and Sarah Connor by ‘Game of Thrones’ star Emilia Clarke.

There’s also a sturdy role for former Doctor Who star Matt Smith, though as yet the details remain vague.

We shall discover more when we see a trailer – no word on that yet – and the whole lot in July, 2015.

The brilliantly 80s trailer for the original movie can be seen below…

Image credit: Twitter/EW

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