Terrifier 2: New horror film is so violent people are ‘passing out’ in the cinema

A new film is said to be so shocking and violent that people are “passing out” in the cinema.

On Thursday 4 October, Damien Leone unveiled his sequel Terrifier 2 in the US, and horror fans have been flocking to watch the film. It has consequently become a word-of-mouth hit.

This is possibly due to the fact that social media is filled with posts from people who claim to have either passed out or vomited from the violence depicted in the film.

The film, which Bloody Disgusting called “the kind of horror movie that just doesn’t really exist anymore”, is a sequel to 2016 film Terrifier, which follows a sadistic killer known as Art the Clown.

Terrifier 2 catches up with a newly resurrected Art as he targets a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night.

“Watching #Terrifier2 my friend just threw up and then passed out,” Andrew Liming (@ratshirtbastard) tweeted, adding that five people walked out of the cinema. He also said that an ambulance was called to attend to his squeamish friend.

Movie Guy (@MovieGuy919) wrote: “Holy s***! #Terrifier2 was fantastic! Definitely not for the weak stomachs! Someone actually fainted during my screening of this movie.”

Bark (@Bark_4KT) added: “The guy behind me passed out cold n crashed into my chair.”

Another audience member, Eric Rowe @GotThatWMD, said: “If you miss the good ole days of lean-and-mean horror, Terrifier 2 may just be the tonic you seek. Seriously, this thang is more violent and depraved than anything in recent years I can recall...:

Find more reactions to Terrifier 2 below.

Terrifier 2 premiered at Frightfest in August, but there is currently no word on a wide UK release date.