Terrifier 3 Director Teases Another Vomit-Inducing Scene, And I’m So Ready For The Gore

 David Howard Thorton as Art the Clown, laughing while dressed as Santa with an axe, in Terrifier 3.
David Howard Thorton as Art the Clown, laughing while dressed as Santa with an axe, in Terrifier 3.

Few franchises have had as big of an impact on indie horror movies as Damien Leone's Terrifier series has had over the past few years.  The ‘80s slasher movie era throwback has introduced viewers to Art The Clown -- a loving homage to the most iconic horror movie villains of yesteryear -- and some of the most gruesome and over-the-top deaths ever put to film. Well, the creator, director, and VFX maestro behind the blood-curdling saga is now teasing yet another vomit-inducing scene and, honestly, I’m so ready for the gore. Bring on the barf bags!

Since debuting one of the most iconic creepy cinematic clowns in 2013's underrated anthology horror movie, All Hallow’s Eve, Damien Leone and Art have been pushing the boundaries of gore and terror, much to the delight (and sometimes dismay) of horror fans worldwide. The journey from the first film in the series, with its cult-like following, to its mainstream blockbuster 2022 sequel has been incredible. As we inch closer to the release of the upcoming Terrifier 3, Leone has dropped a bone-chilling tease that's got my pulse racing. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the horror maven shared how a particular sequence was so “insanely horrific” that even one of the cast or crew couldn’t handle it:

This tease is as tantalizing as it is terrifying. I'm eagerly looking forward to catching a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes footage. I'm betting that David Howard Thornton, the actor behind the black and white clown makeup, is the one who couldn't keep his lunch down. Now, that would be both surprising and hilarious!

It's difficult to envision how the series could become even more gruesome than the extreme kills it has already etched into film history. The first two movies felt like a relentless barrage of gore and, if you've managed to endure the horrors Damien Leone and co. have crafted, you've earned your stripes as a genuine horror hound. From Dawn's nightmarish Halloween encounter with a hacksaw in the original film to Allie's unceasing ordeal in Terrifier 2, it's hard to predict what this third installment will bring. Yet I am filled with dread and eager anticipation for what's coming.

My anticipation for T3 is obviously palpable. As Art gears up for yet another chilling spree, this one with a festive backdrop, we will have to anxiously wait to discover if the angel warrior can save Miles County from the clutches of the demonic clown (who is presently without his head). A central point of curiosity for me about the next installment is whether it will unveil Art's apparent supernatural origins. The first sequel opens with the antagonist being conjured in an eerie ritual and concludes dramatically with Victoria, Art's first survivor, giving birth to his animate, smiling head in a psychiatric facility.

Will the scene Damien Leone teased in his tweet really induce the vomit? Will We get answers to any of these supernatural questions? Fans will have to wait for answers but, for now, they can tide themselves over by revisiting his previous rampages. The first two films in the series are available for streaming with a Peacock subscription.

And, of course, Terrifier 3 slashes its way into cinemas on October 25. Check out our 2024 movie schedule to see what other upcoming horror movies are headed to a theater near you.