Terrifying moment charging lions damaged woman's car jumping on roof at safari park

This is the terrifying moment a woman's car was left damaged by a pride of charging lions after they jumped on top of her vehicle at a safari park. 

Heart-stopping footage shows the lightening-fast beasts bounding on to the bonnet and roof of the Hyundai i-30 leaving behind a huge paw print-shaped dent. 

Abi Tudge, 23, and a friend became shut in the lion enclosure at West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley, Worcs., when the rangers closed the gates for safety on Wednesday afternoon.

The pair, who had two children in the back seat, became trapped in the section for around 50 minutes as wardens tried to deal with the "agitated" and "aggravated" animals. 

But they were left stunned when the pack suddenly bolted for a female and leapt on top of the car, leaving behind dents and scratches. 

Abi, of Hereford, said they were left feeling shaken and feared the car's windows could have been smashed by the animals, which can weigh up to 30 stone (190kg). 

She added: "We were so shaken up and trying to make sure the children were OK The rangers were in their vehicle, but nowhere near the lions." 

A West Midlands Safari Park spokeswoman said: "As with all wild animals, normally harmonious groups can on occasion become particularly active."