Texas Calf’s Gene Simmons Impersonation Is ‘Udderly’ Uncanny

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, especially if it spans … species?

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons’s newest copycat is actually a brand-new Texas calf. Born on July 28 in Kerrville, Texas, Genie the calf shares Simmons’s unmistakable face markings as well as that signature tongue.

Gene Simmons on the left and Genie the calf on the right.

Genie’s birth created such a stir, her owners immediately turned to Facebook to share the news of the fortuitous event.

Word of the heavy-metal look-alike traveled so fast, it even got all the way to the iconic rocker himself. The rock ’n’ roll legend tweeted:

While Simmons hasn’t made plans to visit Texas to see his newest spitting image, hopefully Genie will rock and roll all night, just like Simmons.

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