The Thai Cave Rescue is going to be made into a movie and people have hilarious suggestions

Hanna Flint
Thai Cave Rescue is being made into a movie

When it comes to Hollywood, no event is sacred and that’s why a film production company is already planning a movie about the Thai Cave Rescue.

Twelve boys and their football coach were trapped for two weeks in a cave in Northern Thailand until a rescue team, made up of divers and experts from around the world, helped get them all out.

The story is obviously film fodder, which is why Pure Flix, a faith-based production company, are already on the ground trying to secure the rights.

However, social media has come alive with some predictions and suggestions for the film and they are rather hilarious.

Like Scarlett Johansson landing a role in the movie.

The Black Widow actress could add to her problematic streak by playing a Thai character on top of her white-washed Ghost in the Shell role and upcoming outing as a trans man in Rub & Tug.

There’s also people predicting that the film will be given the white saviour treatment and revolve around an ex-US Navy Seal who helped out.

36 US military Pacific Command personnel helped out in the mission, along with experts from countries around the world but you can always count on Hollywood to find the American angle.

Obviously, Mark Wahlberg will play the hero.

If there are people to be saved, you bet Mark Wahlberg will charge millions to rescue them on screen.

The actor has played the hero in several big budget movies about real-life events including Deepwater Horizon, Patriots Day and All the Money in the World.

And Peter Berg will direct.

Peter Berg directed Wahlberg in 2013’s Lone Survivor and 2016’s Patriots Day so with a quick turnaround they could have this rescue movie out in 2019.

There’s always room for a bit of Andy Serkis CGI action too.


Andy Serkis needs a role

And inevitably, the story will end up using a lot of artistic licence.

Reddit Users make plot predictions

Pure Flix managing partner Michael Scott lives in Thailand part of the year and his wife grew up with former Sgt. Saman Kunan, the ex-Thai Navy SEAL who died during the mission.

“We’re here looking at this as a movie that could inspire millions of people around the globe,” Scott said. “We’re here witnessing the events and gathering some contact information to really tell a story about the entire world coming together to save 13 kids trapped in a cave on the Chinese border.”

Given that World Trade Center was released five years after the 9/11 attacks, as was The 33 after the rescue of the Chilean miners, we can expect this movie in cinemas by 2023, probably. 

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