The 20 best-paid jobs in the UK

Salary winner's pedestal from coins on a business newspaper
Top earners typically command a salary above or about £100,000 per annum. Photo: Getty

Chief financial officers have climbed to the top of the salary tree and can now earn some of the UK’s highest annual wages, according to new study.

Data from job site Indeed, based on thousands of full-time roles advertised across its platform, shows chief financial officers, who have responsibility for managing a company’s financial planning and reporting, can typically command an average salary of £112,666 ($148,270) a year.

The research found that many of the highest-paid vacancies are for senior positions such as company directors and vice-president (VP) roles.

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VP of sales comes in second with an annual salary of about £109,27, while VP engineering is third at £108,623.

Many jobs in the top 20 require both a specialism and experience – for instance, applicants for a role as VP engineering would need years of practical experience to be considered, Indeed said.

Therefore, the rarity of candidates with the qualifications, expertise and experience needed to fill such senior roles “clearly drives up salaries as employers compete for the best talent”.

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That trend is particularly acute in the healthcare sector, which accounts for nearly half (45%) of the top 20 jobs with the highest annual salaries at the start of 2020.

Orthodontists are the highest paid medical professionals on the list, at number four overall. It can take a decade to train as an orthodontist, as it requires five years of studying dentistry, workplace training, and then an additional three years’ study to become fully qualified.

However, those years of hard work eventually pay off, as orthodontists can expect an average salary just under £100,000 a year – about £99,010.

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Dermatologists come in fifth, at £93,282, followed by directors of product management in sixth, at £92,692.

Experts in neonatal care and rheumatologists, who treat diseases that affect the joints, come in seventh and eighth place, with salaries of £92,003 and £91,724, respectively.

Ophthalmologists, who deal with eye disorders come in ninth, at about £91,704 a year.

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Catering directors, the first and only catering and hospitality role to make the list, rounds out the top 10 with a salary of about £91,578 a year.

Further down the list, medical roles such as nephrologist, plastic surgeon, paediatrician and anesthesiologist also appear in the top 20.

The 20 best paid jobs of 2020

  1. Chief financial officer (£112,666)

  2. Vice-president of sales (£109,278)

  3. Vice-president of engineering (£108,623)

  4. Orthodontist (£99,010)

  5. Dermatologist (£93,282)

  6. Director of product management (£92,692)

  7. Neonatologist (£92,003)

  8. Rheumatologist (£91,724)

  9. Ophthalmologist (£91,704)

  10. Director of catering (£91,578)

  11. Nephrologist (£91,521)

  12. Plastic surgeon (£90,922)

  13. Senior director (£90,059)

  14. Paediatrician (£89,723)

  15. Anesthesiologist (£89,501)

  16. Managing director (£88,101)

  17. Unit director (£89,723)

  18. Vice-president of finance (£86,517)

  19. Tax director (£85,742)

  20. Director of construction (£85,148)

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