The Awesome Ghostbusters 3 Plot We’ll Never See


So, this week Max Landis, the ‘Chronicle’ screenwriter son of director John Landis, became implicated in the long-running speculation about the planned ‘Ghostbusters 3’.

He quickly tweeted, debunking the rumours that he was to ‘give a polish’ to the script that has supposedly been penned for the sequel.

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However, in a series of consequent tweets, he then went on to outline what his ideas would be for a Ghostbusters sequel.

…and he may just have set the bar embarrassingly high for Dan Aykroyd, as many of the ideas he floats out there are brilliant.


He began saying ‘Haha a bunch of people asking what my Ghostbusters 3 pitch would’ve been. I never had a full one, just a skeleton I’ve goofed around with’.

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And then, over a series of tweets he unveils his plan, beginning with Ivo Shandor, the leader of the cult of Gozer, and the designer of 55 Central Park West, about whom Egon tells the rest of the Ghostbusters with an arched eyebrow when things start getting hectic in Sigourney Weaver’s flat.

“My Ghostbusters 3 began in the 1920s with Ivo Shandor murdering a gluttonous associate to protect his cult after he has a moral objection,” he writes.

“Shandor tells the overweight man that nothing can stop the coming of Gozer; first, the gate will open in 1984, then again twenty years later.


“The fat man, who now has all the details of Shandor’s plans, threatens to go to the police, and Shandor poisons him. It’s scary, but…

“As Shandor escapes, we see that we’re in the Sedgewick Hotel, and that the guy we just saw die… …Is Slimer. Cue theme. Show title.”

It’s a great and intriguing start, but it doesn’t end there.

“My full movie concerns several new teams (focusing on one), grown from the Ghostbusters Franchise which is now global (and going bankrupt),” he goes on.

“Ghostbusters have become a parody of themselves, there are barely twelve ghosts caught a year. People have forgotten what happened in NYC.

“Egon passed away, Venkman lives on an island, Winston retired rich. Only Ray Stantz is left in charge, and he’s a terrible business man.

“In an effort to bring back business, an obsessed team whose station has been shut down attempts to summon a minor ghost… Mistake. Gozer.


“It’s up to our hero team to stop the bad team, reunite the fractured franchises, and save our dimension from a very pi**ed off demigod.”

He goes on to say that he even thought about possible players in the action, citing  ‘a modern-comedy clique; a Parks/Rec team, a Rogen/Franco team, a Kroll/Key/Peele team’.

Signing off, he added: “So happy to see this got some people pumped, unsurprised by the usual weird amount of hate. That’s enough from me about this, I think.”

As is, a script is being penned, but the future of the project remains uncertain.

Do you reckon Landis’s idea has legs? Let us know down below…

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